About Skedules

Ever wonder why it is so difficult to find things to do with kids... or with friends... or something different to do on date night?

We did too.

We asked ourselves why we spent so much time planning for fun rather than just having fun.

We also talked with the people creating these activities. We found so much of their time spent on advertising. We kept asking why are they doing what they're doing until we got to the true heart of the matter. People creating activities want to connect with their community and grow their brand.

That’s why we created Skedules. To allow activity creators to connect with their community and grow their brand.

With our first release, we encourage everyone to create Skedules of their activities. These activities should be as diverse as the interests of people in the community. Like yoga classes, religious services, alumni schedule, happy hours, sporting schedules, band schedules, things to do with kids... the opportunities are endless.

Soon activities will no longer get lost in overloaded social media feeds or e-mail folders—it is all in one place.

You can expect us to continue evolving Skedules. Including releasing a mobile version of Skedules in the near future.

We look forward to all your comments and feedback about what you would like to see in Skedules, what we do well and especially, what we can improve upon. If you like Skedules, we encourage you to share it with anyone you think it could help.

Enjoy and Skedule on!

The Skedules Team