What is Skedules?

In a world where we are inundated with an excess of information, it can often feel overwhelming to get the word out about anything! While most social media outlets provide an option for people and businesses to share their activities and events, they often get lost among the noise of the oversaturated news feeds.

That’s why we have created Skedules, a social media platform that allows businesses and individuals to connect their Skedules of events and activities to their communities. Skedules is for everyone, whether you are a yoga studio owner, a local artist/performance venue, an alumni club, a farmer’s market vendor, or even a community newspaper, if you have something going on that you want to share with your community then you should create a Skedule.

Have an event or activity you want to share with your community?

Product features

Make Your Content Shine

Allow your audience to view your Skedule in six unique ways! Add some visual flair with Card View. Or hone your activity title for best use in List View.

  • #HappyHour
  • #LiveMusic
  • #AdvancedYoga

Find Stuff, Fast!

Let your audience find what they’re interested in fast by using #hashtags and filters.

Spread The Word!

Leverage your existing social media efforts by sharing to Facebook, Twitter, or to your e-mail list.

Make Your Website Skedule Dynamic

Our embeddable widget keeps your own website up to date. New activities that you add in Skedules will automatically show up on your website!

Things to come

Watch The Skedules You Care About

Missing out on things to do because it’s buried in your junk e-mail or Facebook feed? Skedules helps you stay connected to the things you love by allowing you to watch your favorites.

Stop Searching For Things To Do

Create a customized activity feed specifically tailored by you. No more wasting time researching what fun activities your future holds— they come straight to you!

See The Possibilities

Use time, your interests, or your location to decide what you want to do.

Have an event or activity you want to share with your community?